Conquering Embarrassment to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

impotencepillsOne of the most challenging aspects of achieving sexual health is the embarrassment that naturally comes with discussing sexual matters with strangers or even an intimate partner. Talking about erectile dysfunction is difficult for most people, and even telling a doctor about your problems is unpleasant for most men. This reluctance to talk about sexual issues is common between sexual partners, and couples that don’t have any trouble discussing all kinds of other important topics still sometimes keep sexual problems to themselves.

For some men, there is no more private a subject than their sexual performance, and it causes many to suffer in silence for years instead of seeking out help and guidance from the medical profession, and enjoying the benefits of drugs like sildenafil, the active ingredient in both brand name and generic Viagra.

Both men and women have a tendency to personalize the problems that might be at the root of erectile dysfunction. Men can be confused about a woman’s lack of enthusiasm for sex, for instance, or a woman can feel like she’s becoming unattractive because sex is less enjoyable or frequent than it once was. Many doctors are asked by their male patients to explain what’s physically wrong with them, and to prescribe a pill like generic Viagra in order to jump start their sex life again, but the problem might be better expressed by wondering why a couple isn’t as interested in sex as they were previously.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve and sustain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. While it’s possible that erectile dysfunction to be caused by an underlying physical malady like heart disease or diabetes, many times it’s caused by a combination of physical and mental problems that work hand in hand to make sex unpleasant or impossible for a man. While a doctor can prescribe a drug like sildenafil that will take care of the physical problems associated with erectile dysfunction, it still must be accompanied by the desire to have sex or it won’t work.

One of the reasons that many men have foregone seeking help with erectile dysfunction is the social stigma once attached to the condition, but attitudes about it are changing fast. Advertising campaigns for erectile dysfunction drugs like sildenafil have alerted men to the amount of people who suffer from the same problems they do, and has likewise informed them that medical science has come up with safe and effective ways to address the problem of ED that it shouldn’t make a man feel embarrassed to ask about it. Nonetheless, rather than talk face-to-face with their doctor, most men in the UK suffering from erectile dysfunction clearly prefer to buy Viagra online – click here for more information.

Many doctors report that when men are able to overcome their fear of embarrassment by reporting their erectile dysfunction to a doctor or therapist, the fact that they can finally tell someone instead of keeping it bottled up can sometimes be a form of therapy in and of itself. Some men are able to then talk to their partners about their problems and not only revitalize their sex lives together, but they’re also able to strengthen their relationship at the same time.