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The truth about all-natural erectile dysfunction solutions

Male-Impotence-facts-300x199If you’ve been dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) for any amount of time, or are nervous that Father Time himself is going to knock you over the head with this serious lifestyle disruptor, the odds are pretty good that you’ve begun researching solutions.

And while it’s likely that you’ve come across a top-of-the-line chemical solutions like sildenafil (one of the best generic Viagra options on the planet, and a proven winner when it comes to the battle with erectile dysfunction), you may have begun to look more seriously into all-natural supplements and solutions that promise real results.

You wouldn’t be the first person to dive headfirst into the world of all-natural cures, and you certainly won’t be the last – but do they actually work?

Honestly, it’s not exactly as black and white as that.

The truth about all-natural erectile dysfunction solutions

According to research published by a number of prominent research facilities, anywhere between 40% and 70% or more of men over the age of 45 will have to deal with erectile dysfunction at one point or another in their lives.

That’s a lot of people.

Because of that, treating and curing erectile dysfunction is a pretty big business. We are talking about billions and billions of dollars floating around in this industry, with the overwhelming majority of companies focusing on chemical solutions like sildenafil and other generic Viagra options that have been proven to get the job done.

On the other side of the coin, however, you have burble and all-natural remedies that usually promise the moon and the stars when it comes to results – but very (VERY) rarely deliver for one reason or another.

Most natural supplements are little more than a placebo

Because natural supplements aren’t as heavily regulated as the drug industry, manufacturers and producers of herbal or all-natural supplements have the ability to stuff their products full of just about anything and everything and promise some pretty big results.

Consumers almost always end up taking it on the chin because of this.

That this isn’t to say that all natural supplements or herbal remedies out there are terrible or are guilty of this problem, just that some would say that the overwhelming majority of companies out there are more interested in packing pills with sugar or other non-reactive agents and calling them the next big thing – and making money hand over fist because of it!

If you are serious about banishing your erectile dysfunction, chemicals are the way to go

There is a real reason why most people consider Viagra to be the most to effective and profitable pharmaceutical to ever hit the market.

Raking in literally billions and billions of dollars for Pfizer (and billions more for companies that produce generic Viagra or sildenafil), the only reason that Viagra has been able to dominate the world of erectile dysfunction as effortlessly as it has been able to is because it produces real results for millions and millions of men all over the world.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra,  just flat out works the way it should, exactly as promised.

When you pop a sildenafil that has been prescribed by a trusted or highly trained medical professional, you will are going to be able to dramatically change your body’s biochemistry almost instantly – and give yourself everything (EVERYTHING) you need to perform in the bedroom once again.

On top of that, because of the very heavy regulation of the drug industry all over the world, when you choose a legitimate generic Viagra like sildenafil (or the real thing) you aren’t going to have to worry about potentially dangerous or deadly side effects – or a pill that is loaded with next to nothing!

Conquering Embarrassment to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

impotencepillsOne of the most challenging aspects of achieving sexual health is the embarrassment that naturally comes with discussing sexual matters with strangers or even an intimate partner. Talking about erectile dysfunction is difficult for most people, and even telling a doctor about your problems is unpleasant for most men. This reluctance to talk about sexual issues is common between sexual partners, and couples that don’t have any trouble discussing all kinds of other important topics still sometimes keep sexual problems to themselves.

For some men, there is no more private a subject than their sexual performance, and it causes many to suffer in silence for years instead of seeking out help and guidance from the medical profession, and enjoying the benefits of drugs like sildenafil, the active ingredient in both brand name and generic Viagra.

Both men and women have a tendency to personalize the problems that might be at the root of erectile dysfunction. Men can be confused about a woman’s lack of enthusiasm for sex, for instance, or a woman can feel like she’s becoming unattractive because sex is less enjoyable or frequent than it once was. Many doctors are asked by their male patients to explain what’s physically wrong with them, and to prescribe a pill like generic Viagra in order to jump start their sex life again, but the problem might be better expressed by wondering why a couple isn’t as interested in sex as they were previously.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve and sustain an erection sufficient for sexual activity. While it’s possible that erectile dysfunction to be caused by an underlying physical malady like heart disease or diabetes, many times it’s caused by a combination of physical and mental problems that work hand in hand to make sex unpleasant or impossible for a man. While a doctor can prescribe a drug like sildenafil that will take care of the physical problems associated with erectile dysfunction, it still must be accompanied by the desire to have sex or it won’t work.

One of the reasons that many men have foregone seeking help with erectile dysfunction is the social stigma once attached to the condition, but attitudes about it are changing fast. Advertising campaigns for erectile dysfunction drugs like sildenafil have alerted men to the amount of people who suffer from the same problems they do, and has likewise informed them that medical science has come up with safe and effective ways to address the problem of ED that it shouldn’t make a man feel embarrassed to ask about it. Nonetheless, rather than talk face-to-face with their doctor, most men in the UK suffering from erectile dysfunction clearly prefer to buy Viagra online – click here for more information.

Many doctors report that when men are able to overcome their fear of embarrassment by reporting their erectile dysfunction to a doctor or therapist, the fact that they can finally tell someone instead of keeping it bottled up can sometimes be a form of therapy in and of itself. Some men are able to then talk to their partners about their problems and not only revitalize their sex lives together, but they’re also able to strengthen their relationship at the same time.

Ways That Technology Might Be Giving You Erectile Dysfunction

02-Impotence-and-TCMWe live in a world that requires us to use electronic devices almost continuously throughout the day for both work and pleasure. It’s common for checking your smartphone to be the very first thing you do every day, and it’s often the last thing you do as well. We use laptops, tablets, phones, and desktop computers for everything from spreadsheets to entertainment, and it’s common for people to go for years at a time without ever turning off all the electronic devices they use daily. Studies have shown that the constant use of technology late at night is affecting our sleep patterns, and further research is also pointing to the likelihood that it’s affecting us sexually as well. It sounds a little farfetched, but technology might be giving you erectile dysfunction.

Of course erectile dysfunction is not the only form of sexual health that our electronic devices can affect. Studies have shown that a man’s sperm count, and the health and vigor of the sperm that is produced can be affected by having a laptop computer in your lap for long periods of time during the day. More study is needed, but decreased male fertility can also bring on performance anxiety for couples that want to conceive a child but are unable to. Introducing any kind of worries into sexual relationships can bring on bouts of erectile dysfunction that might be helped by drugs like sildenafil, the active ingredient in both Viagra and generic Viagra, but will never really be addressed until the sperm count is restored to the level needed to conceive. If the woman blames herself for an inability to conceive she can also become depressed, making it even harder for a man to perform sexually on cue.

Our electronic devices allow us to take our work home with us, and that can have bad effects that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Almost all work involves stress, and being on duty around the clock is both tiring and stressful. One of the side effects of stressful situations is the production of adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline is like an anti-erection drug, and men that are constantly struggling with problems at work even when they’re at home can easily become a victim of at least temporary erectile dysfunction. While a doctor can prescribe sildenafil to help a couple who wish to have sexual relations without the fear of performance anxiety, he would probably counsel the patient to turn off the computer and smartphone once in a while and let his mind and body get a rest from stress as well.

Many couples bring smartphones and tablets into bed, and they can wreak havoc with a normal love life. At least a third of respondents to a survey say the last thing they see at night is a glowing screen, which is one of the least romantic ways to end your day. In addition, smartphones have a tendency to produce mindsets that also produce adrenaline in the body, a sure erection killer. It also reduces and degrades sleep, which further wears down the body and can cause erectile dysfunction on its own.

Lifestyle Changes Help Cure Impotence In Men

Impotence-DefinitionLifestyle has a deep impact on not only other parts of the body but also on your sexual organs. Drinking alcohol affects the liver. This is something that everyone knows but it also affects reproductive capacity and this is something not everyone knows, or id they do, they chose to ignore it. Similarly smoking is bad for the lungs. This is widely known to all, but how bad it is for our jsex life? No one cares to look into that – at least, not the smokers. But the fact is that having a spoiled or carefree lifestyle can result in impotence. So let’s check out what lifestyle changes can help us avoid impotence.

Losing Weight

Losing weight is very helpful for treating problems of impotency in men. An overweight person finds not only difficulty in having sex or attracting his partner also to achieve proper intercourse due to impotency. So losing weight helps lower the risk of impotency. The psychological impact of obesity can also lead to problems of erectile dysfunction. So by losing weight you can gain confidence and better health to do better in lovemaking.

Regular exercise

Doing regular exercise impacts not only general health but it also improves erectile functioning by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Smoking can lead to impotence. Smoking affects all parts of the body slowly and steadily. Both the lungs and the digestive system are affected by smoking. This one’s a no-brainer. If you want to sort out your ED, you must stop smoking.


Regular excessive intake of alcohol impacts reproductive organs very negatively. So if you are looking to solve problems of impotency then consider either stopping or cutting down alcohol.

Remove Stress

A mentally anxious mind finds it really difficult to concentrate in anything. It is said that sex usually removes stress from your life but it may be that stress is part of your ED problem. Cultivate a more serene lifestyle and avoid stressful situations and stimuli. Take up yoga or Pilates. Many people find that helps.